Episode 11

Daily Keyboard Regime

June 2nd, 2017

1 hr 27 mins 3 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

The Beard mixes us some mysterious drinks and we jump into solving problems, hiding Linux, experimenting with solar, the appeal of Tiny Homes, Plasma's winning Wayland strategy & the deep corners of what motivates the Beard.

Warning: This episode is using our backup audio, which is fine.. Mostly. It's all fine, we're fine here, how are you?

  • (00:00:35) – Plasma desktop's new focus, and its Wayland advantage.
  • (00:05:20) – Banned Linux Laptop. And our advice.
  • (00:17:47) – Beard Birthday Follow up.
  • (00:21:47) – Noah experiments with a Power Inverter.
  • (00:30:09) – Noah's Lives off Solar for a few months, reports back.
  • (00:31:55) – What's the difference between User Error, and LINUX Unplugged?
  • (00:33:15) – We ask Red Necks about sous vide steak, it goes badly.
  • (00:40:22) – "Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans" an expensive all you can eat.
  • (00:40:22) – Chris and Noah are going to meetup and have a big party.
  • (00:45:25) – Noah and Chris try to convince Beard to get a Tiny Home over a big house.
  • (00:59:00) – A friend recently discovers they accidentally mined some Bitcoin.
  • (01:02:06) – Could Bitcoin get to $10K and what the Beard is positive on.
  • (01:05:35) – Noah's attempt to pep talk goes in a strange direction.
  • (01:16:52) – We go deep after a listener writes in.
  • (01:20:03) – The User Error method gets applied to Ask Noah.
  • (01:21:32) – The night the power went out in the hotel.