Episode 4

Chicken Digiorn

September 16th, 2016

47 mins 20 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

We experiment with our bodies, get particular about new PC hardware, water cool, geek out about VHF radio, and discuss recent software upgrades to improve our shows.

  • (0:0:03) Chris tries out Soylent 2.0
  • (0:12:08) Noah talk about the best VHF Radio for areas that don't have mobile signal.
  • (0:15:41) Rikai gives an update on his new PC build.
  • (0:18:04) Noah's new build that focuses on the CPU to improve LAS video.
  • (0:22:44) Software improvements being made to LAS visual quality.
  • (0:28:11) Rikai's quick hacks to make WebRTC work for us.
  • (0:30:35) The tool we use for our video visualizer.
  • (0:32:42) Noah's goes on a mission to make Chicken Digiorn, discovers it does not exist.
  • (0:35:25) Noah offends Rikai, simply because he lives in the future.
  • (0:36:30) Chris passes the 1 year mark living in an RV, reflects on it a bit.
  • (0:38:14) The surprisingly obvious thing Chris never thought about before living in an RV.
  • (0:40:25) Do we find joy in chores, or avoid them like the plague?
  • (0:45:02) Why Noah has no sympathy for his kids.